June 2019 Event Invite


This month we are bringing you a pretty special event! We will be attending the popular, Unicorn Factory, in Wynwood. What's that, you ask? It's an art installment with rooms upon rooms of magical photo-worthy props and backgrounds. Think: The Museum of Ice Cream but with a whole lot more whimsy! 

This will be our first capped event, but for a good reason. Amazing South Florida photographer, Carmen, of Studio by Carmen will be taking professional photos of all 10 girls in attendance and giving you the best 5 to take home at no extra cost!!! If you need new Instagram photos, this is definitely the opportunity for you!

After our fun romp through the exhibit, we will be getting a bite to eat and drink in the area.

This event is invite only for our members, so if you want to get access to invites to future events, make sure to join the mailing list!

You can drop us a line at thefangirlsocialclub@gmail.com.